About Analytical Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy

A fusion of transformational Western and Eastern healing for mind body and spirit

About Analytical Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy

How it Works

Analytical psychotherapy and Hypnosis is a psychodynamic approach that combines humanistic and cognitive disciplines. It is not standardised solution – focused hypnotherapy this approach enables us to forensically work to get to the root cause of any psychological and emotional distress or trauma. It focuses on investigating and therapeutically dealing with the underlying cause of any psychological upset. This in turn releases your emotional issues to get on with the life you deserve. It differs from counselling because it accesses’ the subconscious mind. We can often talk about our problems logically for years where as working with the subconscious we can trigger emotions from  childhood for example in the here and now thus guiding us to understand the root cause of many of our issues which allows us to release them safely and permanently   

The analytical approach

Hypnotherapy-psychotherapy will allow you to:

  • Investigate the past in order to identify ways in which past traumas and emotional conflicts have impacted on the present.
  • Modify any irrational thinking patterns
  • Eliminate any unwanted or unproductive behavioural traits
  • Rectify any unproductive or destructive relationships either with yourself or others.

How can Analytical Hypno psychotherapy help?

It can elevate a wide range of distressing symptoms some of which are listed below:

Alcohol addiction Migraine and psycho somatic pain
Anxiety and panic attacks Obsessive and compulsive tendencies
Birth trauma PTSD and CPTSD
Childhood abuse and neglect Relationship issues
Dependencies and addictions Self harming
Depressive moods Sleeplessness  
Eating and digestive disorders Smoking cessation
Grief and bereavement Stress and pressure
Habitual and behavioural disorders Stuttering and stammering
Irrational fears and phobias Trauma
Low confidence and self esteem Weight management