Feedback and client stories


Words cannot describe how much Kerry has helped me, not only to manage my emotions but also to help me gain confidence in myself. Without her I wouldn’t be where I am today, an author publishing picture books. She taught me so much, from being able to actually recognise and understand my emotions but also to manage them and more. Her patience, dedication and caring nature as well as her skill set, including hypnotherapy, made me feel safe and comfortable to open up which was a massive support to me. 

Thank you so much for everything Kerry.

You have supported me so much and cannot thank you enough for everything you have done. Would highly recommend to anyone who struggles with their mental health.


Testimonial from my lovely client Anjali, who drew upon her own childhood difficulties to write a book for young children. The book helps children to navigate through their own feelings in the early years at school and in social settings. She advised me I am character in the book Miss Morgan.   I am so proud of what she has achieved well done for all your dedication and hard work. Kerry

Kerry Morgan Testimonials


Kerry is an experienced and highly professional psychotherapist and helped me through a challenging time in my life.  The thought of speaking to someone was extremely daunting for me, and it took me a while to make the call. However, Kerry instantly made me feel at ease, and most importantly, I was able to trust her.  Kerry used various techniques during our sessions, including hypnotherapy and relaxation methods, and has an amazing and special ability to tune in to you in ways I believe makes her stand out from other therapists. If you feel that you would benefit from talking to a professional, then I would highly recommend Kerry       

K North London


Kerry was truly transformational to work with, her skills and ability to read exactly what was needed in every session, while guiding me deeply and lovingly into healing through mediation and hypnosis, will stay with me for a lifetime. I was sceptical of hypnosis, believing I wouldn’t be able to drop into it but that disappeared while quickly working with Kerry.  She made it seamless.  I am so grateful I came across her on my path, as she has guided me into profound healing and awareness in my life, deeper than words are able to describe. Would recommend for anyone looking to transform their lives for the better

Ingrid N Oslo


Working with Kerry is truly magical.  She creates a safe and inviting space for you to really open up and provides powerful healing experiences. The personal breakthroughs and shifts in my energy from our time working together were profound; I would highly recommend Kerry to anyone who is looking to deepen their connection to self x x

B Portsmouth


Totally amazing analytical psychotherapy and healing bringing out all of my hidden emotions and made me lighter and happier, cant recommend it enough.  Physical symptoms improved too! Thanks Kerry your an absolute star xxx

Liz T Maidstone


I couldn’t have got through this past year without this amazing service tailor-made to meet my needs.  Feel like my old self again & armed with coping mechanisms for when anxiety or stress reappears, just wonderful

KF Maidstone